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Learn Colors in English with Toy Pyramid – Developing Video for Toddlers

Timur and Diana Family Fun Toddler Videos & Popular Nursery Rhymes

Timur and Diana channel discovers a very bright children’s platform where fun and entertaining are combined in one place. Learn and explore through the funny videos and top-rated songs with the cutest characters! The new channel has created some of the most popular children's stories and songs under which children can move, learn, and sing along! Moreover, kid-friendly videos show the best pretend plays, challenges, dress-up parties, DIY experiments, and dozens of exciting stories for children! Get ready for the best adventures with an educational video vlog for toddlers!


Whether you are a parent or a child, you'll love the Timur and Diana channel filled with fun, educational, interactive, and highly engaging content for children. Join the fun in the famous videos with nursery rhymes! The colorful videos help kids to learn lots of useful preschool materials through the catchy simple songs and bright videos for toddlers. Educational stories allow toddlers to open their outlook, develop their attention, imagination, creative thinking, and sense of humor.

Plunge into the real fairy tale and become a part of an awesome story! Sing, dance, and learn while having a lot of fun. Children are learning to count, recognize colors, to spell the Alphabet. Rhyming and colorful videos are the new flavors of learning!

Welcome to SeeZis Kids best platform for kids, where you'll find the best children's songs and educational content for babies and kids to enjoy, the whole family included! Watching courteous videos for toddlers, singing popular songs for kids in children's educational stories are good for having fun and learning.

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