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Sasha Super Santa in the Christmas Story for Kids | Pretend Play Video

Smile Family features a diverse slate of popular kids' videos about colorful makeup toys for girls, children's indoor games, amazing playhouses, exciting challenges for the whole family, and much more. These toddler toy videos are highly enjoyable and educational at the same time. Fun family videos for kids are all about child development and the best entertainment filled with interesting activities, incredible playsets, and pretend play toys for toddlers, to help parents boost their kids' curiosity and creativity.


Smile Family is where learning becomes fun and engages preschoolers with colorful visuals in tons of toddler toy videos. Let's watch costume dress-up videos for children, make giant watermelon slime, open surprise eggs, and play with makeup toys for girls.

Popular kids videos from Smile Family have it all - stunning inflatable playhouses, princess castles, and magical unicorns, children's indoor games, and challenges with the most amazing toy sets. Join Sasha and Max as they ride toy cars, play with baby dolls and toy kitchen sets, dress up as a police officer or superhero while having fun with pretend play toys for toddlers.

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