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"Johnny, Johnny Yes Papa" Kids' Song Presented by Children

Watch Kids Singing Nursery Rhymes and Kids’ Songs and Learn With Fun!

SeeZisKIds presents a new channel packed with easy-to-learn and funny nursery rhymes! In these educational music videos, a boy and a girl sing Baby Shark, Wheels on the Bus, Daddy Finger, Beep-Beep, and many other songs for kids!

We know you love singing! And we know that sometimes it’s difficult for children to learn boring numbers and alphabet. That’s why we created these music videos that help kids learn with simple songs. A little boy and a little girl will sing the loveliest English nursery rhymes. They will help boys and girls learn the alphabet, the numbers, the fingers and the animals. You'll never get bored! Join us and watch these lovely music videos for free!


These video songs are packed with colorful music cartoons, funny tunes, easy-to-learn and simple words. Your children won't be able to resist watching these free video songs in HD. We've collected the best songs for toddlers and kids: Finger Family, Old McDonald, The Wheels On The Bus, Baby Shark, Beep-Beep, Little Helicopter, and many more. Those video songs play non-stop, so your child will enjoy singing their favorite songs. Sing our Christmas carols and Halloween songs for kids for holidays, ABC songs for learning English, dance to funny kids' dance songs.

Our cartoon video streaming service for kids streams free cartoons and videos about cars, trains, animals, puppets and young bloggers for boys and girls of all ages. Find popular kids cartoon shows in our catalog, and watch them online in HD for free at SeeZisKids.

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