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Maggie Lost Her Siblings - Fun Pretend Play Story for Kids

Maggie and Shanti Funny Pretend Play Video For Kids

Maggie and Shanti channel invites children to meet a great collection of popular videos! Let’s plunge into the world of real fairy tales where learning stories are shown in a fascinating way in the famous children video vlog. Enjoy interesting balloons games, dress-up challenges, princesses’ adventures with bright outfits, and makeup. Moreover, kids can learn to swim in the swimming pool, take care of a little dog and take part in super DIY experiments with huge slimes and the best toys!


Welcome to Maggie and Shanti channel and watch the most interesting and at the same time developing video vlog for children. Enjoy plenty of amazing pretend plays, DIY experiments, super challenges, adorable sea adventures, and family trips. The funny girl Maggie and her fluffy dog Shanti always present bright and stunning videos for children. Switch on SeeZis Kids and get revved with adorable kids’ video stories for free online!

Kid-safe and appropriate, family fun videos for children by Maggie and Shanti are for everyone to enjoy. Find the right entertainment for little ones and let them learn good behavior, numbers, ABC, healthy habits, and much more in a fun and playful way.

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