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Grey Fire Truck Changes Color In Fun Video To Help Kids Learn

Kids will have lots of fun while learning numbers, shapes, and colors by watching these educational 3D car cartoon videos. Every episode is free and features 3D cars and trucks as they help kids to learn colors, shapes, and numbers. Watch as 3D trucks, cars, and other vehicles have fun while teaching kids numbers and shapes and colors! Every episode is online and in 3D and is completely free!


Every episode features an exciting video featuring characters like police car, dump truck, or excavator. They are having fun but also helping kids to learn numbers and shapes and colors. These educational videos are short but teach a lot in a fun way! Excavator digs a hole and wants you to follow along as he drops shapes into different boxes. Can you count along with monster truck as he visits different numbered cafes?! All these interesting and fun 3D car cartoon videos are free to watch online today at SeeZisKids.com! Learn colors, shapes, and numbers in an interactive and dynamic way!

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