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Have Fun Learning Colors With Colored Crystal Balls In Yasya’s Vlog For Kids

Sing along to your favorite nursery rhymes and learn colors as kid vlogger Yasya plays and sings

Learn colors and laugh and sing along to catchy nursery rhymes as Yasya, a funny and friendly kid vlogger, plays and sings for you!


Can you keep up with her and learn all the interesting colors while she plays to nursery rhymes in these educational videos? Yasya climbs ropes, jumps on trampolines, and whooshes down slides in outdoor play areas as catchy nursery rhymes like Five Finger Family and Skip to my Lou play. Sing along to the baby rhymes and learn all the colors you can in these engaging and fun educational videos for kids. When Yasya eats candies, can you name the color of them? There are other interesting ways for you to learn all the colors you can in these fun vlogs food babies and kids!
Yasya scoots round massive indoor and outdoor play areas in some of these educational vlogs for kids. As nursery rhymes play, she can teach you colors and help you learn some vital ones like blue, yellow, red, black, white, and more! Sometimes she plays as a magician and turns her face a different color! Sometimes she has lots of fun jumping on trampolines. Any vlog you decide to watch will be packed with lots of fun activities but also lots of learning! You can watch all the exciting and educational action online for free at! Join Yasya the kid vlogger today!

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