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If You’re Happy And You Know It | Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs by Kids & Colors

Kids & Colors - Family Fun Videos For Children

Kids & Colors can help keep your kids entertained with learning songs for children like ABC or Five Little Monkeys. Nursery rhymes kids videos are fun and educational, and best suited for toddlers gaining an early understanding of the world. Pretend play with toys, educational songs for babies and preschoolers - this show features a diverse slate of family fun videos for children and engaging kids stories for a broad range of ages.


Kids & Colors channel leads your children through the magic world full of family pretend play, colorful baby toys and the best learning songs for children to let toddlers learn and play. Enjoy plenty of amazing nursery rhymes kids videos with funny stories and family games on the outdoor playground. Pretend play with toys, sing-along to Finger Family, Five Little Monkeys or Mary Had A Little Lamb and have the perfect kids song handy throughout the day.

Kid-safe and appropriate, family fun videos for children by Kids & Colors are for everyone to enjoy. Find the right entertainment for little ones and let them learn colors, numbers, English alphabet, animals, healthy habits and much more in a fun and playful way.

From classic Baby Shark Song to The Floor Is Lava game, cute toddler videos by Kids & Colors will keep your family smiling and having fun. Inspire kids to learn with lots of surprises for boys and girls on SeeZisKids online for free.

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