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Toilet Head Monster Maze for Hamster - Pretend Play Story for Babies

Hamster Stories - Kids Fun Playtime Videos & Animals for Toddlers

Hamster Stories is a super show featuring animal videos for kids where you can meet curious little pets, explore a giant obstacle maze and crank your adventure spirit with mind-busting and fun challenges for children. Check out funny pretend play stories and kids' fun playtime videos to learn how brave animals for toddlers overcome colorful DIY trap playhouses, fight monsters, and become a police officer or a doctor.


Made especially for children and the whole family, baby educational videos by Hamster Stories are a wondrous thing to behold. Boost your kids' imaginations and let them watch funny pretend play stories with animals for toddlers online for free at SeeZisKids. These kids' fun playtime videos feature popular games and fun challenges for children. In each episode, a curious little hamster and his friends overcome incredible labyrinths with an obstacle course and many tricky traps. You will be impressed with how creatively all the details are. At the same time, of course, the absolute safety of the pets is ensured. We have hundreds of the best animal videos for kids that you can watch online for free.

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