Gummy Bears' Popsicle Dance and More Cartoon Stories for Kids

This collection of non-stop, free cartoons and nursery rhymes impart fun tales and morals that never grow old, but are retold by the quirky and loveable Gummy Bear Family!


Go on exciting adventures, get out of many mishaps and learn your numbers and colors with the gummy bears in the Finger Family Song and other nursery rhymes. Daddy, Mummy, Brother, Sister and Baby Gummy Bear are eager for you to join them on a roller-coaster ride of fun-filled learning, kids song, and cartoons!

Each Gummy Bear is a different color, and the family's adventures see them at the park, on the train, getting treats, travelling in time to meet the dinosaurs or saving the city from an evil genius! Through all these stories and the repetitive elements used, children can easily learn to count; identify colors, objects and foods; and understand good moral values.

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Gummy Bears & Nursery Rhymes Non-Stop