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Happy Police Car Gets A Funny Makeover On The Defective Auto Shop

Smile, Laugh And Be Entertained With Cars Cartoon For Kids Featuring Different Trucks And Cars On Their Everyday Adventure

Keep your little boy or little girl entertained with cars cartoons for kids involving different kinds of trucks and cars. In this cartoon channel, they’ll get to know different kinds of trucks and cars that interact with each other.

Watch episodes of these cartoon for kids featuring different cars having fun or chasing each other around. See how each colorful cartoon car interacts with one another to create a wonderful yet simple short story for baby or for kids who are older.


Catch an episode that involves the naughty Yellow Race Car speeding through the streets while the heroic Police Car tries to catch it. Your child may also enjoy watching the Purple Monster Truck jump over all the smaller blue, red, and purple cars. Each episode has a story to tell, and it is simple enough for your baby to understand.

Let the colorful cartoon Tractor, Bulldozer, Crane, Ambulance, Monster Truck, Excavator and many other vehicles get your child’s attention so that they can learn and have fun at the same time. Having fun while learning is a more effective way of teaching children about basic colors, numbers or songs. See more full episodes of the car cartoon videos for free only at

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