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Hamster Escapes from Pop It Maze Homura Ham Pets | Pretend Play Funny Story For Children

Come and Enjoy - Homura Ham creates amazing kids' stories for babies about the exciting life of little smart animals for kids. Brave hamsters explore giant cardboard mazes and obstacle course playgrounds in these super animal videos for children. Discover popular fun games to make your toddler's preschool playtime as fun as possible.


Come and Enjoy - Homura Ham is a collection of animal videos for children about the fun life and incredible adventures of cute and curious hamsters and other pets. Our challenges videos for toddlers are filled with amazing kids stories for babies.

Little animals for kids overcome cool, creative, and colorful mazes with many obstacles and traps. Don't worry, all structures are made of safe parts, and the pets are well trained, so they are not in danger. Some mazes are inspired by popular fun games. It is a great choice for preschool playtime and family viewing.

Follow the funny hamsters as they play the Floor Is Lava Challenge, battle robots, explore the rainbow pyramid, pirate ship, and even conquer space. Let's head to SeeZisKids for the best children's shows online for free.

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