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Learn Shapes and Colors with Choo Choo Train and Spray Paint – Educational Cartoon for Toddlers

Educational cartoons with Choo Choo Train – learning numbers, colors and shapes

Educational cartoons with Choo Choo Train on Seezis – is the best and easiest way for kids to learn! With our educational cartoons learning numbers and colors will be fast and fun. Watch all episodes in a raw online without registration and absolutely for free, and educational cartoons with Choo Choo Train will become your kid’s best friend!


Choo Choo Train – is a funny hero who invites kids to the merry adventures! In our educational cartoons children will solve interesting tasks: learn numbers and colors, shapes and geometrical figures! Merry Choo Choo Train will help kids to count and add, teach about friendship and kindness, tell about animals, fruits and vegetables. Numbers, colors, shapes – is the fundamental knowledge, that is why we tried to make the process of learning funny, easy and understandable even for the smallest kids. Our bright and colorful educational cartoons for children will help your kid to develop imagination and desire for learning, grow up smart and witted! Educational cartoons with Choo Choo Train – the world created specially for children! Because learning is so fun with Seezis!

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