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3D Cartoon About Cars Featuring Learning Colors With The Cupcake Machine

Learn Colors, Numbers, And Shapes With The 3D Cars In The Playground Cartoons

The 3D cars on the playground are so much fun to watch plus they also help kids in learning colors, numbers, and shapes. Each episode of this 3D car educational cartoon helps kids in learning about colors, numbers, and shapes while they enjoy watching the animated cars play and do other fun activities on the playground.

This educational cartoon for kids creatively makes learning colors/numbers/shapes fun by capturing their attention with the use of 3D cars in the playground. Watch the 3D cars on the playground do lots of fun activities, while learning colors/numbers/shapes. This educational cartoon set on the colorful playground adds fun in learning colors, numbers, and shapes which makes it suitable for baby and for kids who are older too.


The fun in learning never ends with the 3D cars on the playground. Let the 3D the police car, ambulance, excavator, bulldozer, monster truck, and dump truck teach you colors everytime they color themselves with the colored balls. Help them count fruits, vegetables, and other items to learn more about numbers. Watch how great they are at jumping through the hoops of different shapes. Just like these cartoons, there are more educational videos that you can find on

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