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Yellow Excavator Is Mad At Messy Red Bulldozer, But Gets Hit

SeeZisKids has prepared a brand new series of funny educative cartoons about cars for you. Play the Cars for Kids videos now and meet new gripping stories of your old friends. Watch the adventures of Bigfoot Monster Car, Police Car, Little Pink Car and other vehicles online in HD quality. Our cartoons about cars won’t just entertain children, they will also teach them important lessons in an interactive manner. High-speed races, epic cars and compelling stories are waiting for you in our videos.


New episodes of funny cartoon about cars and races for boys

Bigfoot Monster Truck, brave Police Car, Little Pink Car, Excavator and their friends have a lot of stories to tell you in these cartoons!
In these videos cars work, look for adventures, get into scrapes and help each other, and, of course, they race. Watch our cartoons for children and see how Crane, Dump Truck and Excavator work on a construction site, how Police car chases criminals and how Fire Truck fights fire. After an eventful working day, cars want to have some fun, and their favorite source of fun is racing! You will see all types of races in these cartoons for boys: extreme racing in the desert, classic race cars competition and races of different types of cars, and many more. Watch all episodes of the cartoons non-stop, we know for sure you will love it!

Watch Cars for Kids cartoons online for free

The new episodes are even more vibrant and exciting, and the HD quality looks even better! We kept everything you love about our car cartoons – funny and adventurous characters (monster trucks, race cars and construction machines), high-speed races with epic drifting and fearless stunts, important life lessons. And we added more colors, textures and quality to it! The new cartoons about cars are so nice to watch, kids will surely want to watch all episodes non-stop, and they will ask for more. And you shouldn’t be worrying about your children, as all our cartoons are both entertaining and educative. Your smart kid will get even smarter with our cartoons about cars!
Watch all episodes of the Cars for Kids cartoons online for free at SeeZisKids.

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