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Baby Shark Song For Children Featuring A Mermaid With Pink Hair

Baby Kids Songs TV - Nursery Rhymes for Kids and Toddlers

Hey girls and boys, welcome to the Baby Kids Songs TV channel on SeeZisKids! Here you can sing along to little baby songs and nursery rhymes for kids and toddlers. SeeZisKids has collected all your favorite songs for kids including The Wheels On The Bus, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Baby Shark, Daddy Finger, ABC Song, and many more.


It's hard to stay seated when original SeeZis songs like Beep-Beep, Helicopter, or Bath song play live. So catch the spirit and clap your hand together with little Johnny when his papa asks "Johnny, Jonny! Eating sugar?" Watch these amazing videos with baby songs and learn to count helicopters from 10 to 1. Fold your fingers as you listen to the Daddy Finger song. Imagine you're driving your new car when the Beep-Beep song video plays. And escape from a shark family in the Baby Shark video. All songs play non-stop and are free to watch online. Enjoy these funny videos for kids and sing along with us on SeeZisKids!

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