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Red Bulldozer Loses His Temper

3D Cartoons About Cars

Meet our brand new episodes of 3D cartoons for kids about cars at SeeZisKids! Now our car cartoons are even more exciting, as the main characters – police car, race cars, monster truck – became 3D cars.


These new car cartoons for kids will surely catch your eye.

Watch races, car crashes, and exciting cars’ adventures
You do not need any glasses or other special equipment to watch these 3D cartoons about cars. Enjoy the stories of funny 3D cars without any unnecessary inconvenience.

These 3D animated cartoons will tell you stories of your favorite cars, and Police Car, Monster Truck, Race Cars, and Crane have never looked so real before. Dive into the atmosphere of the best racing video games!
The 3D cars in the city love fast driving and racing more than anything else. In these 3D cartoons for kids, they always get into amusing, sometimes even dangerous situations. But whatever happens, cars help each other and learn important lessons out of any situation.

Watch 3D cartoons about cars for toddlers online for free
We created our 3D car cartoons especially for kids, taking into account their interests and needs. We know how important it is to you to know that your child doesn’t waste time watching cartoons, but learns something. These 3D cars videos will teach babies how important it is to follow the traffic laws, and what consequences of breaking them might be. But do not worry, there is a very well-structured helping service in the city of cars. Once there is a car crash,
The ambulance rushed to the place of the accident, and then evacuator picks up the cars that cannot move on their own and takes them to car service. And of course, those offenders whose reckless behavior caused the accident will deal with noble Police Car.
Watch VIDS for KIDS about trucks and other cars in 3D online for free!

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